Have A Computer? You Can’t Do Without Surge Protection

What is surge protection?

Surge protection means using a device to protect against possible voltage spikes in AC currents or circuits. That device used to protect equipment connected to the power supply is known as a surge protector.

What is a voltage spike?

A voltage spike usually lasts from 1 to 30 microsecond and are considered as transient events or one time events. You cannot take this for granted though because no matter how short you think 1 to 30 microsecond is, you have to understand that the spike may reach to 1000 volts leaving your entire mains ruined and smoked. Spikes do not just happen on the main lines, they also occur on telephone and data lines.

The surge protection

The surge protector allows the voltage to have limits. They are designed in a way where they can block the current or shorting it to reduce the voltage that may pass thru the lines. You may think having a short is so unfortunate but if you think about it, having a short is only a way of being able to stop a larger voltage to pass through your lines and create more damages.

The surge protector devices

  • SPD or surge protection device
  • TVSS or transient voltage surge suppressor

Both are used to protect the voltages by getting them installed in the power distribution panels. They are not only used in the power distribution panels but are also used in process control systems, heavy duty industrial systems and communication systems.

The surge protection does not only protect the devices from possible voltage spikes but also from lightning strikes. It may sound crazy but lightning has the potential to actually increase voltages. We all know what a lightning is capable of but what we do not know is it can spike and increase voltages up to 100,000 volts! Can you imagine how that would affect all your appliances at home? Or even that plugged iphone for charging!